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Textiles Company Network Disaster Plan

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123 Textiles Company Network Disaster Plan
Keith A Manley
IT240/ Sorrells

The 123 Textile Corporation has several solvable issues that we will address in this network updating proposal. They have been exposed to inclement weather and as of late a break in resulting in the companies sever and all pertinent data for sales, production, human resources. This proposal will lay out all necessary hardware upgrades as well as the software upgrades needed to maintain the new hardware. It will also look at off-site back up as a potential resolution to being in an area that may be more susceptible to break-ins resulting in equipment loss and or damage. The proposal will also address the issues of inclement weather and possible protection from natural disasters.
Hardware and equipment proposal; A required designated space for the new computer equipment should be around 50 square feet with through wall ventilation but no window or exterior access points. In addition a cable line for modem connection and power source will be required. Power source should be of 20 amp circuit and non GFI, number of circuits at primary location in room to be four. In consideration of power outages that could result in loss of data a recommended solution will be the installation of an online UPS battery backup unit which provides continuous power while plugged in through the unit’s battery allowing for smoother and quicker power transition. This unit provides not only a source of power in the event of power loss but additionally will protect from surges, and voltage drops associated with power consumption. Due to the possible nature of seismic activity and resulting damage to equipment it is recommended to obtain a seismic server rack assembly available through SRO (Server Racks on-line, this unit is rated at zone four giving the best...

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