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5r Size
Mimimum of 30pcs. - 50 pcs - 18.00 51 pcs. - 99 pcs - 15.00 100 pcs.above - 13.00


Kiddie party package: P6799

1 10" Round cake x 2" height
3 Layers Fondant Butter Cream Cake

VENUE: Museo Pambata * Use of venue for 3 hours * Tables and chairs for 50 pax * Sound system * Museum tour for 50 pax * 30 MP giveaways * 30 Balloon sticks * P 12,500.00

Package has 30 Jollibee spaghetti, 30 regular French fries, 30 regular softdrinks, 30 regular sundaes and 30 one piece Chickenjoy or Spicy Chickenjoy or Chicken Barbecue with rice and gravy

Food Cart

FOOD CART (100 servings) * Cotton Candy – 1,700.00 * Ice cream (3 Flavors) – 2,300.00 * Halo Halo Bar – 2,500.00 * Chocolate Fountain – 3,500.00

THEMED CART (100 servings) * Popcorn (popper) – 1,500 * Nachos Cart (with cheese) – 2,700 * French Fries Cart (2 Flavors) – 2,200 * Snow Cone (3Flavors) – 1,700 * Fruit Shakes (3fruits) – 2,700

Balloons * 1 Full Arch * 2 Balloon Pillars with Mylar Top * 1 Giant balloon with 50pcs Balloons inside * 10pcs Balloon Clusters * 10pcs Balloon Rosettes * 10pcs Balloon Spirals * 5 prizes for the Giant Balloon
1 Bouquet of balloon
P 10, 000. 00

Sound System
* 2 PRO5001AU Active Speakers * 2 wired microphone * 1 12 channel Mixer * 1 Music Source Photo booth

Price 2,900.00


Director chair (foldable)
P 220. 00 each

Face Painting

P 9,000 * Party Host * Class A Magic Show * Unlimited Face Painting * Freebies: 5 pcs consolation prizes * 30 pcs name tags * 20 pcs balloon twists * 2 pcs medium popper

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