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Thai Education

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Topic: Education: “Bad Way” to a “Future Life”

Authored by: Patara Preechavith, HR Officer, True Corporation
Applied to: One Young World 2015

Having greater opportunity to achieve such a more competitive life in professional settings always lie a belief to me that I have to invest in education, by graduate with the best score.

The bad news is that I have been doing this the wrong way. For sixteen years until I graduated my bachelor’s degree, I was fostered since I studied in high school that copy-and-paste behavior is something ordinary and needs no concern with. This offer such an easy method for Thai students to complete their assignments by selecting any favorite contents from website and use them straightforwardly. However, that practice has recently been challenged myself since I entered to master’s school in United Kingdom, where I found that such an idea of getting things done like that is an illegal way so called “cheating” –or plagiarism, which is completely exceptionable in an academic world. I also faced one of a suffering time at the starting point that I really cannot stand getting through that British way of study to give attitude toward any subjects using my pre-Google brain practice, which then opened my eyes to have a greater concern toward education issues in Thailand, and this gives warning for making changes by reasons that follow.

To begin with, Thai people will lose their actual capabilities and ability to reflect their own value. This issue has grown in importance in light of recent problem that in the future, Thais will rely on things that existed in academic base not their true self and individual thinking. The practice should create a mindset that there is such a piece of cake to reach goals, and thus encourage students to disvalue some uprightness like integrity and perseverance. This poses a continuing problem for the future...

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