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From the 9th June until 9th July, 2006, Germany held the 18th FIFA World Cup invited 32 participating nations with 3.36 million attendees. Some researchers (Bernstein, 2008) expected that there would be more than 40,000 women be trafficked to fulfill the increase demand of prostitution during the World Cup.

Before and during the World Cup, German government merged with local authorities pursued a series of measures positively to prevent the possible sexual exploitation. Two main campaigns ‘Final Whistle-Stop Forced Prostitution’ and ‘Red Card for Sexual Exploitation and Forced Prostitution’ hold by different NOGs also been supported by the European Parliament and other international organizations. Statistics regarding THB during the World Cup are not publicly available yet. However, the BKA is currently collecting data and information on behalf of the German states’ Criminal Police offices and NGOs (Dreher, Cho, & Neumayer, 2013) . Another campaigns involved in the IOM, the MTV Europe Foundation, Sida and the World Childhood Foundation improved Public Service Announcement directly provided hotline information for anonymously report. “An increase on the demand side for sexual services during a major global sporting event, whatever the country, will inevitably attract traffickers who will see an opportunity to turn a quick profit,” says IOM head of Counter Trafficking Richard Danziger (2006). Additionally, international organizations included the ILO, UNICEF and Amnesty International among others declared statement focused on the issue of increase in the demand of sexual exploitation might possible increase in trafficking in human beings during the event. Further participants included the French coach, Raymond Domenech, the British police and the Swedish national teams would boycott the prostitution during the world cup.

As a consequence, there were more...

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