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The Abrahamic Covenant

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I. Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-3
II. God Offers Abraham A Covenant------------------------------------------------------------------------3-5
A. Sarai and Hagar------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-7
III. Fulfilling The Promises------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7-8

IV. The Abraham Covenant In The New Testament----------------------------------------------------------8

V. Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
VI. Bibliography--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10

Thesis Statement: God found a man He could trust and promised him that he will pave a path for his descendants to process the land and become a great nation. Abraham will endure many obstacles before the fulfilling of the promise, but obedience and faith in a God that he heard and gave his visions was his belief that his descendants would be as the stars in the sky and that his offspring would process the land surrounding Canaan. INTRODUCTION Abraham’s historical Biblical story has been dated around 2000 B.C.; based on Chapter 11-25 of Genesis. Abraham is the first biblical patriarchs and his life history tells of his journey which begins in a place called Ur of the Chaldean. In this era in history Ur was one of the great cities in Sumer, located...

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