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The Advancement: Keeping the Faith in an Evolutionary Age

L. Russ Bush

APOL 500 (Summer 2013)

Introduction to Apologetics

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Edwin S. Krzyzek (ID# 25767621)

June 16th, 2013


The scales of theology have shifted. The balance of human epistemology has shifted from a higher creator to cosmic accident. The vast majority of history has shown humans to be theistic; the most recent dot on the string of time has been that of naturalism. Where Christianity has dominated western thinking for so long, it now finds itself in the minority voice of reason. Even Christians themselves have taken to blending their views to remain contemporary. L Russ Bush addresses this proliferation of naturalism in The Advancement.
Brief Summary
Bush produces an eight chapter discourse on the evolution, propagation and fallacy of a view that espouses inevitable naturalistic progress. One that believes biological life and humans in particular are evolving into a constant state of improvement. That believes science to be the replacement of God. Bush coins this worldview, “the Advancement”. Bush says that Christian stability has been replaced by naturalisms unstable relativity. Meaning no longer has meaning. Truth itself is subjective and new is always better. Bush begins by introducing a number of pre-modern and modern philosophers. Bush succinctly steps us through the evolution of this modern thinking and contrasts that against the Christian worldview. He outlines the ascension of scientific method and Darwinian dominance, noting the prevalent methodology to be based in naturalism. The consequences of science in the absence of God become a major theme. To avoid this consequence humans have revised the idea of God with the introduction of theological adaptations, namely “Process Theology”. Bush…...