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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites to the Study Habits of the Selected High School Students

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Name: Age:

Year/Level: Date:

Direction: Fill in or check the box that corresponds to your answer, please answer honestly.

1. Are you a member of Social Networking Sites?


2. If yes, check the box of the following sites that you are a member of.

Facebook Others

Instagram All of the above


3. Do you accept/answer friend’s requests or messages that come from a person which you don’t know?


4. Which of them do you spend a lot of time?

Studying Checking/updating accounts

5. Check the box of which you find social networking sites helpful to your study habits.

• For file/document attachments

• For chatting/updating your profile.

• For stalking other people’s lives

• For keep in-touch with your classmates, teachers and schoolmates so that if there will be assignments, projects and event you will be informed.


The Problem and

Its Setting

Social Networking Sites is a system to give billions of users a wealth knowledge and information. This is a worldwide network that allows browsing a millions of sources including academic, business, entertainment and fun, news and current affairs and any publications. This is also a communication tools that connect to each…...

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