The Advantages and Disadvantages of State vs. Private Prisons

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The advantages and disadvantages of state vs. private prisons

The advantages and disadvantages of state vs. private prisons
In both state and private prisons, it is important to keep in mind that while the prisoners are being punished, they should be treated as human beings. The treatment of prisoners is just one of the issues when dealing with both types of prisons. There are many differences and similarities in state versus private prisons. These factors result from more than just funding issues; there are several factors to look at when studying each type. The main points that many people argue about are funding, privileges, and conditions or treatment. Not one of these factors is more important than the other.
Financing for private corrections facility varies from state to state and from facility to facility. Georgia private prisons may be funded differently than a private prison in Florida. However there are two main forms of financing the capital cost earned during the construction of private correction facilities. The first option is that the corporation undertakes the construction of the private correction facility without the assistance of the public and rents the services to contracting jurisdictions. The other choice is that the facility may have the jurisdiction issue bonds to finance the development of the private facility. Private prison operators depend on cooperation from elected officials who are willing to continue funding experimentation with privatization within the correctional system.

State prisons are funded generally through state taxes and conditional appropriations given by federal and state authorities. Federal prisons get their funding through federal taxes and appropriations provided by Congress. In some cases, one jurisdiction of prisons may hold or detain prisoners for another jurisdiction. When this happens…...