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The Affects of Racism on Education

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Racism is to believe that all members of a race have abilities or characteristics specific to that race especially to say that another race is inferior or superior to another race or races. (Prejudice and discrimination both come with racism too.) Racism is a global problem that needs a solution that will result in endless benefits. It affects all facets of society including the learning process, which especially affects people of color. Since the 1600’s it has been hard for the of African descent persons. In education they have had a hard time prospering, like in the 1600’s; of African descent being was not allowed to even learn. In 1870, 81% of African Americans in the United States were illiterate (when only less than 9% of white Americans were illiterate). But that was because only about 9% of the African American went to school, while 50% of white American children attended school. After this key point in history, the numbers improve and things get a little better but not much. In 1896, the Plessey v, Ferguson (Plessey was a man who could easily pass for white but was jailed for sitting in a white only train car when he took matters into his own hands to challenge the separate car act .He took them to court and they made great points but the supreme court still kept the “separate but equal” law because they thought it was constitutional ).Supreme Court decision to pass equal but separate laws went through and it only made things worse for the African American student. In 1898, a Georgia school board did not want to open a public high school for African American students who lived in a town where there was no public black high school and this case Cummings v. Georgia, let the Georgia school board make their own decision and told them that they were not obligated to open a school if they did not want to. One significant case to racism and...

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