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The American Red Cross and the Challenges of Cross-Platform Communication

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The American Red Cross is one of the best examples of organizations that cater to humanitarian response in a multifaceted scale. Founded in 1881 by Clara Barton, the organization began with attending to the needs of injured American soldiers, and has since evolved to blood banking, disaster relief, health services, and emergency response in both local and international settings (American Red Cross, 2014).
The ARC lives by the core values of the 5C’s: compassion, collaboration, creativity, credibility, and commitment, both within its members and to the communities it serves. The organization has proven itself to be dedicated in improving the lives of the men, women, and children who have faced man-made and natural disasters, not only in terms of emergency relief, but also in recovery and development (Hamner, 2008).
Because of its longevity as an organization and its continued efforts to protect the welfare of persons in need, the ARC has become a paradigm for other humanitarian agencies that intend to expand their reach. At the same time, however, the organization is not immune to risks that challenge its espoused values.
As an organization that responds to both local and international emergencies, communication has become an essential tool not only in maintaining the core values of the American Red Cross, but also in improving its performance particularly in terms of inter-agency coordination. Coordination has become one of the biggest challenges present in every humanitarian environment, as participating agencies come and go, technological tools and advancements vary per agency, and coordination mechanisms change along with the transition of the disaster situation towards recovery (Liu, Jin, Briones, & Kuch, 2012).
The same dilemma is experienced by the ARC. As it embraced the trend of cross-platform communication, the organization had to take extra measures to...

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