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The Analysis on the Development of Chinese Mainland Banking Industry Internationalization

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The analysis on the development of Chinese Mainland banking industry internationalization

Table of Content Introduction 3 1.0 Analysis on capital management based on Basel III 3 1.1 Potential risk determinants 3 1.1.1 CRAR based on Basel III 3 1.1.2 NPL perspective 4 1.1.3 Internal risk control system 4 1.1.4 The fund sourcing exploration through finance innovation 5 1.2 The risk identification 5 1.2.1 Risk of local government financial platform 5 1.2.2 NPL and Due Diligence Investigation 5 1.2.3 Risk of lending to SMEs and Derivative Deposit problems 5 1.2.4 Risk of collateral assets auctions 6 2.0 Analysis on internationalization of operation overseas 6 2.1 Key factors identification and comparison 6 2.1.1 Operation efficiency on ROA and ROE perspective 6 2.1.2 Operation scale and scope 7 2.2 Government potential influence on policies and regulation 8 2.3 Challenge and Risk based on the analysis 8 2.3.1 Strategic partnership with developed bank 8 2.3.2 Human Resource management 8 3.0 Analysis on internationalization of interest rate liberalization 8 3.1 Government potential influence on policies and regulation 9 3.2 Comparison between Chinese Mainland banks and HSBC 9 Conclusion 9 Appendices 11 Reference 13


From 2013, the trend of catching up with international standard and increasing Chinese banking competitiveness is under the agenda of PBOC through the frequent policies transformation and the corresponding applications with more focusing on risk generated by shadow banking and internet finance. As a result, after experiences of liquidity problem in the interbank overnight lending market twice in 2013, and corresponding to the requirement of the Basel III, Chinese Mainland banks needs to have taken some necessary steps on the way of internationalization of the capital...

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