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The Art of Distraction

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Pain is necessary and important. In fact, it is an inborn drive, vital to our very existence (Hebb). Pain prompts us to change something, for instance, to move our hand off of a hot stove. It, therefore, prevents us from causing damage or even death to ourselves. It motivates us to protect an injured area, and the abatement of that pain lets us know when it is safe to use that area of our body again (Doctor's Surgery Center). While pain is a crucial sensation, required for our survival, it’s no secret that in our day to day lives we want to avoid it at all cost. Pain doesn’t feel good. Therefore, if we can avoid it, we will.
This desire to avoid pain makes pain control a very big business. Google the word “pain” and you will get a return of about 215 million websites. These websites offer a vast array of pain management options, including a variety of medications, surgeries, medical therapies, complementary therapies, alternative therapies, emotional therapies, products, tools, and more. Notice the next time you watch television or listen to the radio how many advertisements there are for these products. To get some idea of how much money is spent annually on pain control we will look at just a few of these pain management options. Acetaminophen is the pain relieving ingredient found in Tylenol as well as a few other prescription and over-the-counter medications. The sales of this drug in 2009 were 2.6 billion dollars (Aubuchon). More than 400,000 carpal tunnel surgeries are performed each year in the United States. The average cost of just the surgery itself for one of these is $8,185.24 (Sphere 10 Software). Receiving a once a week, thirty minute massage directed at relieving neck pain would cost you in the neighborhood of $1,560 over the course of a year. These are just three ways that we attempt to control the pain that we feel. The amount of money that we pay...

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