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The Arts: Is it really OK to cut them out? The arts have always been a part of human history and human life itself; Paintings,dances,and songs are not even half of what the arts can truly accomplish as we can see in our society today, so imagining a life without them is very hard to picture. Unfortunately children across the nation have already been experiencing a life without the arts, and the problem is getting worse. In 2008, a majority of schools in the U.S. had major budget cuts, resulting in cuts in many different areas of each school district, especially the arts (“Melta”). “During the 1999-2000 school year, 20 percent of schools offered dance and theatre classes, but in the 2009-10 school year, only 3 percent of schools allocated …show more content…
One argument they often make is that the arts take time away from taking classes that they need to take to graduate. Yes, that is true, but the arts also teach every kid important lessons and values that they need to understand before they leave to go to college. Also the arts is something that cannot be taught like any other core class. It's something that you have to discover through emotions, expression, and self values, which is something a college chem. course cannot teach you. Also, kids who participate in the arts learn to interpret things differently from person to person, unlike in other classes where you must see what facts and researchers/professionals see. Another opposing point people make is that the arts can be expensive to fund and those funds should be used towards newer technology for the classroom, renovations, etc. I believe that putting modern in the classrooms is extremely crucial, but the arts can make profits for the school unlike technology. Money can be a problem with many public schools. Trying to fund another department is a big commitment for schools, but also a great one. First of all, schools can be funded through many competitions, musicals, shows, etc. through the arts. For example, when performing musicals, many people come to see and pay to watch. Therefore when the funds to create the show are paid off, that extra money left over is profit for the school to use for things like

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