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The Australian Federal System’s Effect on Australian Businesses

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The Australian Federal System’s effect on Australian businesses

It is widely thought that the role of the government is to guide their economy into a steady growth and provide support for their local industries and businesses. However there is a growing dispute with that statement with recent media coverage of large iconic Australian companies such as Qantas and Holden in dire economic situations. This paper will argue that the role of the Australian government is to stimulate the national economy and to help Australian businesses. However these aides must be beneficial to both the government and the business. If the assistance is non-sustainable, then the government is not obliged to try and alter the inevitable. In order to support this argument, this paper will provide an understanding of Australia’s social structure and analyse the companies listed above
In order to understand the role of the Australian government on businesses is to understand how Australia was built. The doctrine of separation of power was inherited with the birth of the Federation of Australia in 1901. The doctrine split the institutions of government into three branches; legislative, executive and judicial. This is a way to prevent a corruption, internal abuse of power and conflict of interest of people in high positions of the government. Although there are numerous interpretations of ‘Capitalism in Australia’, Lloyd (2008, p.30) states that “From 1992 Australia has experienced a period of sustained economic growth and prosperity without interruption For a capitalist nation to work, businesses must dictate the market for individual aims to create more competition. As Ryan (2012, p.12) stated, “"Markets play a central role in capitalist economies. Markets are based on the competitive interactions of private businesses or individuals". By having restricted influence, the government enables…...

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