The Bad Effects of the Internet on the Teenagers

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The Bad Effects of The Internet On The Teenagers
Brent Staples is an editorial writer for the New York Times. In “What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up in Cyberspace”, Brent writes about how teenagers nowadays spend too much time on the Internet to communicate with each other, and forget to interact with families and friends in the real life. Using the Internet too much cost the teenagers don’t have socializing, the real world experience that would allow them to leave teenagers behind and grow into adulthood. (Staples 18) I strongly agree with Staples that many teenagers spend too much time on the Internet for chatting and playing online games than for studying and socializing. When teenagers spend too much time on the Internet, they will miss out the experience of talking face-to-face and don’t know how to communicate to a job later. Indeed, the Internet seriously takes away the socializing time of teenagers and makes them don’t have any social skills to communicate with the people in the real world.
Over the past few months, I found out Facebook has become increasingly prominent in the lives of UC Davis students. Conversations are no longer made in real life person. Instead, many UC Davis students log in to their free Facebook accounts to communicate with each other. Moreover, I saw many of my friends send messages through Facebook to their next-door neighbor instead of walking a couple steps to meet with their neighbors face-to-face. They are seriously missed out the advantages of talking face to face. One of those advantages is body language. Over the Internet you cannot read people’s body language and interpret your impact on them. If someone is leaning in to listen to you, you absolutely can tell they are interested. However, on the Internet, you wouldn’t have that opportunity. Moreover, if you ask someone a question directly face to face, you can…...