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The Beautiful Ocean

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The Beautiful Ocean
The above-sea world has many wonderful and beautiful sights. As air-breathing, land dwellers, we can look up during the day and see the enormous bright blue sky with puffs of clouds that look like cotton candy, stars that flicker like little candles at night, and strong, tall oaks that look like skyscrapers. Being above water has many beautiful sights to offer but just where those beauties end another world with its own beauties begins. Scuba diving at a spot near my uncle’s house in Key West takes me to a whole new world. My uncle’s small beach house in Key West is one of my favorite places to visit. His beach house is a sea weed green color, and he hangs old bobbers and fishing poles, decomposing nets, and old brittle fish bones from its green walls. The water in Key West is a vivid turquoise blue that looks like a boat full of paint has spilled in it, and the beaches are as white as powdered sugar. My favorite spot to scuba dive is about a ten-minute boat ride off the coast of Key West. My uncle’s boat takes us out into the deep blue water. It is an old and noisy fishing boat that has traveled around the Florida Keys many times. Hearing the roar of its tired engine, smelling the salt water, and feeling the mist hitting my face from the splashing waves gets me ready to dive in the bright blue abyss. Getting scuba gear on takes a few minutes of tightening many straps and pulling zippers, but when finished, it feels like an extra layer of skin because it is snug and warm. When the exciting time comes to get into the water, I always feel like a little kid waiting to walk down the stairs on Christmas morning. The chill of the cool blue water sends shivers and brings goose bumps before going below water surface into another mysterious world. As the world above starts to disappear, another beautiful and mysterious world starts...

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