The Bermua Road Riot in Nassau Bahamas

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|HMBS BAHAMAS |Operational. Starboard main engine defective. COADMIN formulating Cabinet Paper to affect dry-docking and |
| |engines and generator overhaul. |
|HMBS NASSAU |Operational @ PGW, |
|HMBS YELLOW ELDER (drydocked) |Non-Operational @ HMBS Coral Harbour |
|HMBS P-38 |Non-Operational Severely damaged by fire. Awaiting insurance adjuster’s report. |
|HMBS P-40 |Non-Operational Center console and flooring to be installed by base technicians. |
|HMBS P-42 |Non-Operational Starters being installed. |
|HMBS P-43 |Operational @ HMBS Coral Harbour |
|HMBS P-44 |Non-Operational. @ HMBS Coral Harbour Port engine injectors to be programmed. Test run schedule for 27 |
| |November, 2012. |
|HMBS P-45 |Operational @ Sea…...

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...a) Write a detailed account of the Burma Road Riot in Nassau, Bahamas. The Burma Road Riot started because a labor dispute in the Bahamas. It was an attempt to end economic, political and social injustices in The Bahamas. According to Source A, “the 1942 riot in Nassau or the Burma Road Riot in Nassau was a short-lived spontaneous outburst by a group of disgruntled labourers, and occurred against a background of narrow socio-economic and political policies.” This occurred at a time when local black workers demonstrated in a violent manner against discrimination of wages paid to them. They were paid less than that of the highly paid American workers who were all engaged in the construction of huge airfields for the U.S. Army, at Oakes Field and Winsor Field, simply known as “The Project.” During this time, there was a lot of Political unrest in the colonial Bahamas related to political rights, labor rights, and race relations. This all started during World War II (1939 – 1945), when Americans began to set up military bases in Nassau, which was advantageous because of the clear skies for training of airmen and the clear water for training in under water skills. Permission was sought from the British Government for military bases to be built in several Caribbean countries. In the Bahamas, with lend-lease arrangements, permission was given for the U.S firm, Pleasantville Incorporated, under supervision of the U.S Army Engineering Department, to construct two bases at...

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The Bermua Road Riot in Nassau Bahamas

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...Question: 1 (a) Write a detailed account of the Burma road riot in Nassau The Burma Road Riot in Nassau was caused due to a labor argument in the Bahamas. As stated in Source A, “The 1942 riot in Nassau was a short- lived spontaneous outburst by a group of disgruntled laborers, and occurred against a background of narrow socio-economic and political policies.” This occurred at a time when local black workers demonstrated in a violent manner against discrimination of wages paid to them. They were paid less than the highly paid American workers who were all engaged in the construction of enormous airfields for the U.S. Army, at Oat and Winsor Field, simply known as “The Project”. During this time there was a lot of political unrest in the colonial Bahamas related to political and labor rights and race relations. This all stared during (1939-1945), when Americans began to set up military bases in Nassau, which was advantages because of the clear skies for training airmen and the clear water for training in under water skills. Permission was sought from the British Government for military bases to be built in several Caribbean countries. In the Bahamas, with lend-lease arrangement, permission was given for the U.S firm, Pleasantville Incorporated, under supervision of the U.S Army Engineering Department, to construct two bases at New Providence. The first, known as Man Field, was adjacent to Grants Town where a small landing field was already developed by Sir Harry......

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... and this was a major change. The last factor that led to the Burma Road riot was the West Indian influence. This type of influence caused a questioning of the social system in The Bahamas. The end of the 19t h century and the early 20th century, hundreds of them migrated. They came into The Bahamas as policemen and skilled artisans, some opened up the hotel colonial. They had more knowledge than Bahamians, some of them articulated their unhappiness. This was also a reason for the rebelling because Bahamians felt as if they were better than or were capable of having a better life. This made many Bahamians start to damage and destroy the place we call home. In conclusion The Burma Road Riot was an historical time in The Bahamas. We were faced with many difficulties in this riot. Unemployment, The West Indian influence and wage dispute were some factors I believe that many Bahamians struggled with. Do to the fact that there were no jobs and also a payment problem made it even challenging to deal. The West Indian influence I believe was the hardest to deal with, because of the others came and made a living in the place were Bahamians called home. But in this all of this happening today we has Bahamians must learn from our past, to appreciate the things we have today and to embrace our future. ....

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...The 1942 riot in Nassau was a short-lived unplanned and sudden outburst by a group of unhappy and angry workers, and happened against a background of narrow socio-economic and political policies." Quoted from "The 1942 riot in Nassau: A demand for Change?" by Gail Saunders. "The construction project promised a relative bonanza for the local unemployed, a chance to sell their labor for something like the rates they knew were commonly and healthy on the mainland ... Unknown to them, however, the Bahamas government had agreed to attach local wages for unskilled labor at the rates established in 1936.” Quoted from Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People (From the Ending of Slavery to the Twenty-First Century) by Michael Craton and Gail Saunders. "The June 1st 1942 labor action that began outside the city centre but ended in a riot on Bay Street was an important event in the country's history. It spoke to the growing unhappy disappointment of the Bahamas' black majority with the very real mild system of racial separation that hemmed them in politically, money-based and socially. It demonstrated the motivation of the up until now silent black majority to stand up to their colonial masters and the local ruling whites. It signaled the beginning of the end of second class citizenship for blacks in the Bahamas. Therefore, this riot continues to occupy a unique place in the Bahamian imagination and has helped to cement Bay Street as the important center in the...

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... addressed the workers from the steps of the Colonial Secretary’s office hoping to mollify them. ... He warned them to be careful “not spoil the good impression that they had made.” ... Although there were reports that some of the laborers threw their sticks in a heap and went home when they heard this news, for the most part, the crowd became even more incensed. Mr. Christie, Captain Sears and a number of others tried to convince the mob to go home but to no avail. Eventually, a group of men broke off from the main assemblage, tired of listening to what they must have thought was cheap talk. They headed down Bay Street, “smashing as they went.”" Quoted from "Bay Street and the 1942 Riot: Social Space and Identity Work in the Bahamas" by Nona Patara Martin and Virgil Henry Storr. Consequences of Burma Road Riot Project workers received a 25 per cent increase in pay plus free lunches. And a few weeks after that a House of Assembly committee led by Stafford Sands recommended compensation for the (mostly white) merchants whose stores had been damaged. After the riot, the Duke appointed a commission of inquiry composed of a non-resident Englishman and two white Bahamians. At the end of November 1942, the commission called for wide-ranging social and political reforms, including modern labour laws and trade unions, more local government for the Out Islands, reducing the life of parliament from seven to five years, raising taxes to make the wealthy contribute more to the cost......

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...CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF AN ARTICLE # 1 This article entitled “I’se Man Political awakening and the 1942 riot in the Bahamas by Dr. Virgil Henry Storr. Dr. Storr is a Bahamian and a senior researcher at George Mason University who is known to research all forms of history but especially the history of the Bahamas. Also he a research associate professor of economics at the George Mason University. This research article by Dr. Storr a research that retells the story of the Burma Road Riot. During the beginning of the Second World War the Bahamas more specifically New Providence became one of the many training bases for the British and American governments. The British and American governments decided to build their bases in New Providence because New Providence was and still is the economic capital of the Bahamas during this time. At this time the Bahamas government made a deal with these various governments that would bring an increase in jobs for the Bahamian people and more revenue for the Bahamas. However even though the contracts were agreed upon by both parties the Bahamian government didn’t not get as high wages that came with the economic opportunities as expected. The name that this new venture of this supposed to be economic prosperity was called the project. The project caused many men to venture to New Providence in hopes of new jobs with high wages. When many persons started to work on the projects their salaries were lower than expected. Whiles many of the...

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