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The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Create It

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2. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Which question is one of the most discussed ever since? Right! Every population wants to know what will happen after the dead or how one could predict the future. This kind of questions are one reason why people created religions explaining the future. Even more precise they tell us how our future will be when we follow certain rules. Furthermore superstition as a phenomena in every population came up and is still a big part in our society. For example if we see a black cat walking from the left to the right it means bad luck. Although not in every part of the world religion or superstition is believed very serious anymore it has affected the history and does still affect the present time. Thousands of examples prove that. Isn’t it shocking that people are afraid of refuges from Syria because they believe in another “god”. For me all of this is kind of ironic. On one hand religions teach how to live a good life to reach the paradise. On the other hand as a result of trying to persuade people that the own religion is the only right one children die in wars. Ironic is that in trying to predict the own future due to believe and fight for the right religion, the future actually is going to be made. Set by us people! And in cases of war the future for the children is a very dangerous violent life in the already divided world. That’s why essentially a favourite moto of mine is creating my own future. I personally decided that when I was more or less fifteen years old. I did a three years long internship in the children’s hospital. I learned during this time what it means to work hard and having a responsibility for my doings. Everything what I have done affected other people very direct and of course my own development. I decided that I want to work in another job later because of several reasons and the only way...

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