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The Big Stage

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By: Heather Vanwarmer
CRJ320: Criminal Investigation
Instructor: James Phyne
March 18, 2016

THE BIG STAGE! 2 The final report is very important for the prosecution. The reason is that the prosecutors need to make sure that all the evidence presented is correct and make sure that all witnesses have been interviewed properly. The prosecutors will call the witnesses back to interview them to make sure that there was nothing missing from the last time the police talked to them. Sometimes witnesses will leave something out and then recall it later. The prosecution has to make sure that everything has been covered so they can make a case in court. The prosecution needs to look over the report to make sure that all the information is correct before the present it to the courts for a case. They have to make sure that they examine all the case diaries, statements of important witnesses as well as material documents or articles. They also have to make sure that the investigating officer has done the crime scene correctly. Because, if the final report is not complete it will result in a fraud. This means that if the final report is not done correctly then all the important information is left out of the report. That is why the final report needs to be important so that there is no fraud when presented to the courts to see if they have a case or not.
A well written report will have who, what, where, when, why and how in the report for the prosecution to go over. A well written report can result in a conviction. But, a poorly written report can result in sloppy police work or confused thinking on the part of an arresting or investigative officer. Sometimes investigators will leave something out of the report. Every report needs to show who, what, where, when, why, and how in it....

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