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Maria Garcia
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FTV 101
May 25, 2012
Annotated Bibliography
Barsam, R & Monahan, D (2010) Looking at movies: An introduction to films (3rd ed).
New York: W.W. Norton & Company.
Chapters used in essay:
Chapter 9 : Sound- There’s always two parts to a movie: vision and hearing. The sound operates on both physical and psychological levels. For most films sound provides cues that help us form expectations about meaning. In some cases, sound actually shapes our analyses and interpretations. Sound calls attention not only to itself but also to silence, to the various roles that each plays in our world and in the world of a film.
Bordwell, D. & Thompson, K. (1993) Film Art: an introduction, McGraw-Hill Inc. USA
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Used in finding definitions of sound.
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Ebert, Roger. “Citizen Kane”. 24 May, 1998. Web. Date of access 25 May 2012.
Ebert’s article focuses on what defined the landmark 1941 film as the innovational piece of artwork it was and continues to be. Ebert himself describes Welles as a prodigy of his profession and follows the fictional Kane through channeling the real-life Hearst here and there during certain parts of the film. A psychological turn takes place at the end of the article as Ebert weaves the publicly scrutinized tycoon into a secluded and deluded old man towards the end of his life and how an unfulfilled childhood turned him into the powerhungry figure he was.
Christley, Jaime. “Orson Welles”. 24 January, 2003. Web. Date of access 3 November 2011
Christley details the career of Welles and dictates the slight changes the…...

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