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The Birth of the Celebrity

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Celebrity Marketing In the Cold War

Christopher Sigler

History 328
Dr. Reaves
March 11, 2014
Post World War II America was a period of massive economic growth in America. Despite a brief economic recession from 1946 to 1947, the years following World War II saw the United States become the world super power that it is today. From 1940 to 1950 the American Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased 50% from $200,000 million to $300,000 million1 and by 1955 sixty percent of Americans identified as middle-class2. The exponential economic growth and social class shift during this period created several important changes to American culture. Many American families now possessed excess money; Money that was spent on single-family homes, entertainment, appliances, and cars, items that the general public could not afford before this period. The result of the influx of money not only changed the American family forever, but the marketing strategies used by companies as well. As Americans began to place a heavier value on entertainment, movie stars, actors, and other celebrities began to have a prominent influence on society. Post war-prosperity and the economic boom during the early cold war began the American, and eventually global culture of celebrity marketing. To understand the United States rise to a world superpower one must look at the aftermath of the widespread war of World War II. World War II was a global war that involved thirty nations and claimed the lives of over 50 million people3. However, the Second World War primarily took place in Asia and Europe allowing the United States to remain virtually unharmed throughout the war. At the conclusion of the war, much of Europe, including Great Britain, France, and Germany were decimated and the reconstruction of those countries would be costly. The lack of exports in previously productive European...

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