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What is a Microbiologist?

If you become a microbiologist, you may isolate organism cultures and classify the types of organisms found in soil, water and living hosts. You might also observe how organisms interact with each other and with living plant and animal tissue, as well as analyze the relationship between organisms and disease. Some of your duties could include preparing technical reports and research papers detailing your findings and making recommendations based on your research. You might also supervise lab workers and technicians and perform lab experiments for government health departments and physicians. A microbiologist is a scientist who studies the properties of fungi, algae, bacteria and other microscopic organisms. Areas of specialization include virology, immunology or bioinformatics. The following chart provides an overview about this career.

Degree Required Bachelor's degree
Field of Study Microbiology, biochemistry or cell biology
BS Biology is the course needed to take Microbiology.

Microbiology Training
For over 80 years we have been training the food industry and we pride ourselves on the quality and content of our training portfolio.

We offer a range of microbiology training to the food and drinks industry from standard courses on HACCP (RSPH), shelf-life and auditing to food microbiology and tailored confidential training. In partnership with Skill gate we have developed an online microbiology course that covers eight basic modules, tutor assessment and a multiple choice examination.

Tailored training on-site is available and bespoke programmed are drawn up after consultation with the client. They may be purely microbiology focused or have an element of microbiology and other topics e.g. legislation, processing, sensory and consumer science, utilizing a team of presenters, where appropriate. Courses can be purely classroom based or with practical elements in the factory. Tailored Training is available throughout any location in the UK and Internationally.

Examples of Tailored Training

* Soft drink technology and microbiology * Sauces and dressings shelf-life – functional and microbial aspects * Internal auditing * HACCP Levels 2-4 * Shelf life

Job Description

Microbiologists study organisms that cause infections, including viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae and protozoa. They focus on the biology of microorganisms at both the molecular and cellular level, as well as their ecology.

The work of a microbiologist helps to prevent, diagnose and control infections as they identify and characterise organisms. They are able to comment on effective treatment and can help to develop tests to diagnose infectious diseases.

Microbiology is a vast subject which overlaps with other areas of life sciences, such as molecular biology, immunology and biochemistry. Specialist areas include basic research, medicine, healthcare and food.

Microbiologists also look at how microorganisms affect us and how we can exploit them. Their work can be relevant in a wide variety of settings including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and the environment, although the majority of the work is carried out in hospitals.

Kinds of Employer (Microbiology)

Microbiologists work in a range of fields. One of the largest is research and analysis, where employers include:

• The NHS;

• Universities;

• Research institutions and publicly funded research establishments, including the Health Protection Agency (HPA) ;

• Private companies.

Microbiologists also work in the manufacturing industry for employers such as:

* pharmaceutical, biochemical, biotechnology and agri-chemical companies; * food and beverage manufacturers; * food safety organisations, including the Food Standards Agency (FSA); * health, home and personal care product manufacturers. * Jobs can also be found in the environment sector where employers include: * water companies and the Environment Agency (EA) , including the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) ; * waste management companies; * environmental consultants

Starting Salary of a Microbiologist is 20, 950 for Urban rate


J Sr. Ritchie Manalo
7- Holy Infant Jesus Science

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