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The Blue Helmets Resolving Conflict

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“We, as peace-keepers, represent the United Nations and are present in the country to help it recover from the trauma of a conflict. As a result we must consciously be prepared to accept special constraints in our public and private lives in order to do the work and to pursue the ideals of the United Nations Organization”

United Nations DPKO [1]

These words illustrate the highest standards of integrity and conduct that need to be maintained and performed by the UN peacekeepers as required by the United Nations Organization. The world’s largest “club” embodies the aspirations of all the people of the world for maintaining peace and security of all its member states. It also at a glance demonstrates the main role or aims that have been made the responsibility of UN peacekeepers in relieving a conflict-torn country, although it relies on their dignity and restraint. Despite the many motivations behind UN peacekeepers (soldiers) joining the UN peace operations, such as compulsory military service, the opportunity for travel or adventure, to pursue a career, adding some skills that can be useful after retiring from service, or simply for better pay; many express their interest to bring peace to people and stability to an area wrecked by conflict.[2]

My experience as a former UN peacekeeper in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) from 2004 until 2005 encouraged my intention to analyze what was going on there. UN peace operation has played its role twice in this country, with much of the “traditional peacekeeping” function being placed in the first UN “military operation” in the DRC. My question is whether the latter “giant” UN peace operation in the DRC (the largest ever) will end up being similar to the previous operation, especially regarding the problems and challenges faced by its…...

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