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The Body Fat Loss Experiment

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The Body Fat Loss Experiment

Does taking a thermogenic fat loss supplement cause an extra decrease in body fat or is it just the extra exercise and dieting from the individual's commitment itself that causes a greater body fat reduction? Thus, making people believe the excellent results couldn't of resulted on their own without the extra help from the thermogenic? I personally believe that the thermogenic supplement can cause an extra loss in body fat if taken properly.

In this small experiment, I (Sean) and Ricky were the experimental group taking a thermogenic supplement from USP labs called OxyElite Pro for 4 weeks. Well my friends Luca and Adrian were the control group who had not taken anything for 4 weeks knowingly. Luca and Adrian had both decided that they did not need the supplement in order lose the same amount of body fat as Sean and Ricky. Since Luca and Adrian were exposed to the same experimental environment, it was only appropriate to consider them as the control group. All four subjects were on the same exact diet which consisted of oatmeal in the morning, a tuna sandwich and green leaf salad for lunch, and steak with broccoli at night. As for their workouts, they were performed together consisting of the same exact routines. Every workout would begin with running for 10min then cycling for 10min and abdominal workouts at the end of every workout for 10min. Biceps and triceps on Monday, back and chest on Tuesday, calves and thighs on Wednesday, Lats/traps/shoulders on Thursday, and boxing along with calisthenics on Sundays. Sean at 5'7 starting at 146lbs and 14% body fat, and Rickey 5'9 starting at 210lbs and 22% body fat. Luca 5'11 starting at 205lbs and 16% body fat, and Adrian 5'6 starting at 150lbs and 15% body fat. Sean and Ricky would take the supplement as recommended first thing in the morning to kick start their metabolism. Then by...

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