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The Body Shop Strategic Implementation Plan

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Strategic Implementation Plan

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Introduction 3 Section I Strategic Management Practices 4 1.1 The Body Shop’s Strategic Management Practices 4 1.2 Limitations and Alternative Approaches 6 1.3 Strategy proposed 7 Section II Corporate Governance 8 2.1 Evaluation of Governance structure 8 2.2 What is the stakeholder’s role? 9 2.2.1 Keep satisfied 10 2.2.2 Keep Informed 11 2.2.3 Key players 11 Section III Hard Changes in the Body Shop 13 3.1 Existing Value Chain 13 3.2 Adjustment 14 3.3 What strategy method should Body Shop undertake? 15 Section IV Culture and Leadership Changes 17 4.1 Strategic Change through Culture 17 4.1.1 Control Systems 19 4.1.2 Organisation and Power Structures 19 4.2 Strategic Change through Leadership 20 Section V Implementation Plan 21 5.1 Preliminary Activities to enter China 22 5.2 Procedure of starting a Business in China 23 5.3 Setting up the First Store 23 Conclusion 24 References 25

Introduction L’Oreal Group is the world’s largest cosmetic and beauty company, headquartered in France. It offers a vast amount of products and services across the cosmetic field, concentrating on make-up, hair care, skin care, perfumes and sun protection. L’Oreal divides its brand portfolio into five divisions, Professional products, L’Oreal Luxe, Consumer Products, Active cosmetics and The Body Shop, which covers different the lines to the diverse consumer group globally. The focus of this report is The Body Shop – a distinct unit under the L’Oreal. In 2006, L’Oreal had acquired The Body Shop for £652.3m. Nevertheless, The Body Shop brand is retained which operate as a separate entity from the L’Oreal group with its own Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The Body Shop is a British based...

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