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The Boogeyman

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Sadman Sakib Hasan 1331 Victoria Park Avenue
Toronto, ON
(647)-720-5974 / (416)-699-4509 CAREER OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position in a company that will allow me to capitalize on my sales management skills, customer service skills, demonstrate my hard working abilities, use my teamwork, oral and communication, interpersonal, decision and time management and organization skills.

2012-Present B.Sc. Specialized Honours Computer Science – Software Development Lassonde School of Engineering York University Toronto, ON

2012. Ontario Secondary School Diploma Birchmount Park Collegiate Toronto, ON

Qualifications: • Familiar with computer use: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access) • Familiar with Programming languages like Java, C, C++, C# • Fluent in English, also speaks Bengali, Hindi and Urdu • Well organized, Goal-oriented, Motivated, Enthusiastic, Helpful • Strong customer service and communication skills

Volunteer Experience:
2010-2012 Leading to Reading Club Toronto Public Library – Dawes Road Toronto, ON

2011 Photography Workshop Harmony Movement Toronto, ON

2010 Youth Leadership Workshop on Violence Prevention Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) Toronto, ON

2009 Leading to Reading Club Toronto Public Library - Albert Campbell Toronto, ON
2008 Youth-Up rising program SAWRO Toronto, ON

Work Experience:
2010 - Present Crew Member McDonalds...

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...How fear can make you crazy The theme of "The Boogeyman" by Stephen King is fear. In this short story, Stephen King illustrates how fear can drive you crazy. In "The Boogeyman", fear is what drives Lester Billings mad and is the dring force for all decisions. "The Boogeyman" in this short story gives the impression of fear. Lester Billings, a father of three whom were killed by "The Boogeyman". "All I did was kill my kids. One at a time. Killed them all." (King 93) Lester Billings enters the scene as he tells the doctor that he had killed his kids. He continuously tells the doctor he had killed them all and that he wants to be imprisoned. Lester constantly kept looking at the doctors closet and would twitch a bit, giving an impression of scared. Denny, first child of Lester, was killed by "The Boogeyman". He was left alone in a dark room because Lester didn't want his child to be a "sissy", he then finds Denny dead on his back. Since then Lester remembers all the short stories which were told by his mother when he was little and develops fear within himself. When his second child dies that is when he fears the place he lives in and the closet. Lester didn't want another child because he was afraid it can happen to his third child but of course, Lester ended up having another child. When Andy was born, he moved places because there were too many bad memories and he added "And too many closets." (King 101). He acted strange about closets ever since the two events. He......

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