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The Book of Acts for Today

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Is it appropriate to attempt to be an "Acts Church" today - that is, is it appropriate to use the book of Acts as a guide to establishing and operating a Church today? Why or why not?
I would be absolutely thrilled to either be a member of or a minister in a church that is as dedicated to Jesus and spreading the word of God as the early church described on page 416 of our text book by Darrell Bock. It was difficult overcoming their life long teachings and laws but once they were enlightened they were just as stubborn holding to the word of the Messiah as they were to the laws of Moses. Acts 19:8 tells us that Paul taught in the synagogue for three months but the Jews rejected bitterly and tried to teach against Jesus and his doctrine; so they left and taught at the school of Tyrannus and some of the Jews that could not worship Jesus in the synagogue went to listen to Paul and believed. They had a hard time moving from the law to grace but now we are taught many things that just is not Bible based and has turned many away.
However, I don’t believe that we can stand at the entrance and ask all who enter if they have sinned today. We don’t have to allow them to join the church without being examined to know that they are living a Christian life. There are many false doctrines, false teachings in the church today. Most are probably only a misinterpretation of the Bible by those that have little to no training. An article on the web talks about how false doctrine is introduced and thrives in the church. has an article that basically says that people are not reading the Bible and allowing whoever is talking to tell them what the Bible says.
What are your views of the difficult "Holy Spirit" passages in Acts 8:14-17, Acts 10:44-48 and Acts 19:1-7? Defend your positions well.
The Apostle in Jerusalem...

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