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The Book of Job and His Friends

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Presentation Summary There was a lot of helpful information given in each presentation. It gave me a clearer understanding of what is expected of me to learn in this course, as well as what rules and guidelines are needed to follow in the interpretation of the Old Testament passages and what the author is trying to convey. Dr Yates stated that the prophets were seen as “watchmen,” which is used as a metaphor of Gods people and telling them of their future lives if they do not follow God. This gave me a clearer understanding of what purpose the prophets had for God and His people. Dr. Yates explained that God’s love was tough but also tender and that God would never forget or abandon His people. The prophets were brought to speak to our emotional side of what God was about, to touch our hearts. The purpose was to confront the people of their lifestyle and to make a change to follow God. They need to listen to what God is saying to them. The rules of interpreting the prophets are also quite helpful and will help me to focus on what to avoid as I learn and read the Old Testament and interpret the verses. I don’t feel that this discussion changed my perspective on the OT prophets, however influenced me in becoming more curious as to what they were all about and how they were chosen and influenced by God.
The basic features of the Old Testament prophesy is reflected by Isaiah speaking of the wickedness of Judah and challenges them to put this behavior behind them. In verses 19-20, Isaiah pleads with Judah to turn back to God and follow His ways or they will fall to a terrible judgment. He asks them to make themselves clean and to do right and is trying to reason with them. Isaiah then focuses on Jerusalem and goes so far as calling it a “harlot,” as if Jerusalem was an unfaithful wife to the Lord. “By following idols and foreign gods...

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