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just beginning their career for The Washington Post. Through the use of good reporting, investigating skills, and with the help of a secret source known at the time as “Deep throat,” Bernstein and Woodward we’re able to unravel the biggest presidential scandal in the history of the United States, The Richard Nixon Watergate scandal. Without the investigation of Bernstein and Woodward, The Watergate Scandal may have never been brought to light. The book chronicles everything from when Bernstein and Woodward were given an assignment to cover a burglary at the Watergate complex in Washington DC, to the events that led up to Nixon’s State of the Union address about one year from when the Watergate Scandal started to unravel. The book starts off with Bernstein and Woodward getting assigned to a story about a burglary at the Watergate Office Complex in Washington DC. The two were not overly excited to be assigned to the story, as it was meant to be a filler story for the paper, but something in particular struck the two of them about the story (Bernstein, 14). The burglary took place at the Democratic National Convention at the Watergate Complex. The burglary resulted in the arrest of five men who were charged with breaking and entering. Bernstein and Woodward went above and beyond their reporting duties and thought that there was something up with the burglary, especially because it occurred at the Democratic National Convention, so they continued to investigate the story. As the two were investigating the matter, President Nixon went on public record stating that the White House had no involvement with the burglary (Bernstein, 27). However, the two looked deeper into the White House’s involvement, and found some loose ends. After Woodward gave a call to E. Howard Hunt, a CIA officer, he disappeared, which brought up a lot of questions for the two reporters(…...

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... | | | |Ross is a social worker at a public high school. He is also a deacon at his local church, and he volunteers twice a month at a | |shelter for pregnant teens. At school, he met with a 16-year-old girl who confided that she is pregnant and asked for information | |on where and how to obtain an abortion. Ross is strongly opposed to abortion on moral grounds. | |Answer: | |This issue I feel that the professional faces, is more so on moral grounds. Everyone has a different outlook on the issue of | |abortion. The standard I think Ross should follow would be statement 4. If the teenager I seeking an abortion I do believe Ross | |has a moral responsibility to notify her parents of the issue. By notifying her parents he is breaking the confidentiality with the| |teen. This also relates to statement 3. I do believe he should notify the teen of what he has to do by being a service | |professional. Finally statement 10. Ross should be aware of federal and state laws to know if the child's parents have to give her | |consent to abort. In some states the parents do not have to consent. ...

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...wind instrument. At this point, the Vitale gang, run by Giuseppe Vitale (real name Quincy Baedeker), made their move to take over all bootlegging in Harlem from Irish Larry Doyle -- a racketeer so suspicious that he refused to let anybody in New York ever get behind him, and walked down the street constantly pirouetting and spinning around. Doyle was killed when the Squillante Construction Company decided to erect their new offices on the bridge of his nose. Doyle's lieutenant, Little Petey (Big Petey) Ross, now took command; he resisted the Vitale takeover and lured Vitale to an empty midtown garage on the pretext that a costume party was being held there. Unsuspecting, Vitale walked into the garage dressed as a giant mouse, and was instantly riddled with machine-gun bullets. Out of loyalty to their slain chief, Vitale's men immediately defected to Ross. So did Vitale's fiancee, Bea Moretti, a showgirl and star of the hit Broadway musical Say Kaddish, who wound up marrying Ross, although she later sued him for divorce, charging that he once spread an unpleasant ointment on her. Fearing federal intervention, Vincent Columbraro, the Buttered Toast King, called for a truce. (Columbraro has such tight control over all buttered toast moving in and out of New Jersey that one word from him could ruin breakfast for two-thirds of the nation.) All members of the underworld were summoned to a diner in Perth Amboy, where Columbraro told them that internal warfare must stop and that......

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...| | COVER STORY Is Wilbur Ross Crazy? Like a fox, maybe. His bets on steel plants, textile mills, and other woebegone assets are risky, but they're paying off A damp November wind blows off Lake Erie and across the Cleveland steel works, leaving a dusting of snow on the hulking metal buildings, many of which have long since fallen into disrepair. A rusting monument to America's industrial past, the Cleveland plant once employed some 18,000 workers who manufactured 500 different kinds of steel used in everything from General Motors (GM ) cars to Maytag (MYG ) appliances. These days, the sprawling site, which spans both banks of the Cuyahoga River, is largely still. Just two mills, manned by about 1,200 workers are still operating, although at something far below capacity. To most observers, the Cleveland plant looks like the last gasp of a dying Rust Belt behemoth, but not to Wilbur L. Ross. Ross is a collector of the junked, the unloved, the wretched refuse of an economy that has mostly given up making things in favor of buying them elsewhere. Ross, who picked up the plant for a song in February, 2002, is almost laughably contrarian. In May, he added mammoth Bethlehem Steel to his International Steel Group Inc. He has also bet big on Japanese banks, Korean insurance, U.S. textiles, and telecom. All are part of his growing empire of the damned. QUICK TURNAROUNDS At 66, an age when peers are looking toward retirement, Ross is taking on more risk, bigger......

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...part-time basis for drafting personnel or project engineers, mainly Frank Silverton (see Fixture 2). Because of significant growth during the proceeding three years, survey work had begun to eat up nearly all of Silverton’s working hours. As a project engineering, his salary was too high to justify using him for survey activities, so management had decided to hire someone with an education in surveying and some experience to support the work of Silverton and the five other project engineers. Jerry Givens, manager of the engineering staff at the time, and since retired, was the man who had hired and first supervised Lineberry. Since being hired, he has worked for four different supervisors. He remembered Givens as a “cantankerous, had-headed boss who had very specific things that he wanted done and definite ideas on how they should be accomplished.” He often lost his temper and openly criticized Lineberry or anyone else doing something he didn’t like. Nevertheless, Lineberry felt that he got along well with Givens. He usually had Lineberry’s daily work scheduled by the time Lineberry arrived in the morning and explained what needed to be done and how it should be done. Only occasionally would Givens have to stop by during the day to change the focus of activities. After Givens retired, Lineberry reported to Paul Jackson, the new manager of engineering. Unlike Givens, Jackson expected Lineberry to plan his day based on the work that needed to be done and to go ahead and......

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Capital Management VALUE-BASED METRICS FOR IMPROVING RESULTS An Enterprise Project Management Toolkit J. Ross Publishing; All Rights Reserved J. Ross Publishing; All Rights Reserved VALUE-BASED METRICS FOR IMPROVING RESULTS An Enterprise Project Management Toolkit Mel Schnapper, Ph.D. Steven Rollins, PMP J. Ross Publishing; All Rights Reserved Copyright ©2006 by J. Ross Publishing, Inc. ISBN 1-932159-25-8 Printed and bound in the U.S.A. Printed on acid-free paper 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Schnapper, Melvin. Value-based metrics for improving results : an enterprise project management toolkit / by Mel Schnapper, Steven Rollins. p. cm. Includes index. ISBN 1-932159-25-8 (hardcover : alk. paper) 1. Project management—Quality control. 2. Performance standards. 3. Work measurement. I. Rollins, Steven C., 1950-. II. Title. HD69.P75S365 2006 658.4′04—dc22 2006001079 This publication contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources. Reprinted material is used with permission, and sources are indicated. Reasonable effort has been made to publish reliable data and information, but the author and the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the validity of all materials or for the consequences of their use. All rights reserved. Neither this publication nor any part thereof may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,......

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...relationship is between a subordinate and supervisor or manager and subordinate it may be looked at a preferential treatment. When an employee may have claimed that the employees are not receiving the same benefits because they are not sleeping with the boss. Some courts may reject these allegations due to the consensual relationship agreement is tailored for both male and females. (Cropper, 1997). Also, another ethical issue that may arise is having a “hostile environment”. Employers should want their employees to feel comfortable coming into work. If they feel they aren’t able to do so, then they may file a complaint and sue the company. The main ethical issue are to ensure that employees are treated equitably and humanely, receive equal opportunities for career advancement, and not abuse power. (Seglin, 1998). This challenge can be met by developing a clear, written workplace romance policy based on the previous guidelines. Employers should relax their policies to allow dating between no-workers who are not in a supervisor-subordinate relationship; however, permitting all employees to date regardless of position and supervisory responsibilities is dangerous without a signed document acknowledging the mutual consensual relationship. (Ross, 2000) In 1994, Fortune magazine conducted a survey, not of HR professional s and employees who bear the brunt of work details, but 200 chief officers. Seventy-five percent said that romances between workers were not the company’s......

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