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The Boy That Cured My Boredness Research Paper

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The Boy That Cured My Boredness When I was a little kid in kindergarten I went to one of my friends landon birthday party at centegra. It was a pretty fun party and during the party I see a small kid by the name of Grant Hochmuth. It was the first time that I had met him only that day. I went on with my life and school was really boring. I had some friends like a kid named Edward wall me and him where really good friends (and still are) but school was still pretty boring. 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade were all some of the boringest years of school and I never really had fun at school. Then it came to 4th fourth grade and when I walked in I saw a very familiar face the face of a boy names Grant Hochmuth.
It was a long time since I had seen him and I was very excited. Right away me and him became really good friends but this time I would be friends with him for the long run. Grant and I got to know each other more and more and he introduced me to one of his friends named Landon Koeppen. I remembered landon a little bit but we didn't really like each other at first but then we started to be good friends. After a while all three of us had become very good friends. We would sit with each other all the time in lunch and always had played together in recess. Recess was the best
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Grant and I where so upset, we had a going away party for him with just us 3. We had lots of fun that night, the air had smelled of good memories and the best of times that we had with landon. Then the next day came and landon had moved to Arizona, Grant and I where very upset and life had just tasted really plain. The summer was a very sad time me and grant would hang out but it was not the same without landon. Then school came around and on the first day I walked in I say the same face of the boy named grant. We had lots of fun and where very excited to start the new year of 5th

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