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The Boys at the Back

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The Boys at the Back
The boys’ grades are dropping and dropping, while the girls' grades are getting better and better every year. This is very frustrating for the young boys, and research shows that more and more of the young boys are dropping out of high school and college because of this problem.
But what is the explanation for this? That girls are smarter than boys? Or that boys do not have the brain capacity to straight A’s? Although this might be a delight for many teenage girls, this is not the case.
Christina Hoff Sommers has been brave enough to take this issue up for us in the media in her article “The Boys at the Back”.

Previously, it was the boys who were at the top of the society. The male gender was the ones who had the most and the best opportunities in educations, and so did they of course have the rights, which women have not always had. But beyond that, the parents also expected more of their sons than they did from their daughters; "Families’ favoring sons over daughters in allocating scarce resources for schooling; cultural norms that de-emphasized girls’ education, particularly past high school; an industrial economy that did not require a college degree to earn a living wage; and persistent discrimination toward women in the workplace.” (p. 1, ll. 19-21).
However, in our today’s society parents seems to look more identical at their children.

There has always been a small gap in preparation to education between boys and girls. In the beginning, boys were just as good as the girls, but the girls quickly grew ahead of the boys, and remained there since. But the gap is only getting bigger and bigger, but the reason is not because of the fact that girls should be smarter than boys, because mostly they are not - on the contrary, the genders are academically at the same level; “Boys score as well as or better than girls on most…...

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