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The Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service

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The Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service
Michael La Motte
CIS 512
Dr. Robert Culver
Strayer University

There where news that government officials and Petrobras, Brazil national oil company, have been targeted of electronic spying by the NSA and other agencies, based on the documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff consider this action a breach of international law and the Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service known as Serpro will build a secure email system for Brazil’s federal government. The statement by the Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper said,
“We collect this information for many important reasons: for one, it could provide the United States and our allies early warning of international financial crises which could negatively impact the global economy. It also could provide insight into other countries’ economic policy or behavior which could affect global markets.” Brazil over the years pursued close relationships with key U.S rivals like Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba and also because of corruption in 2007 three Petrobras executive where arrested. This will be enough reason for NSA to snoop on Brazil. Information is the key to resolved present and future issues. The Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service was created on December 1964 to help de sector of the public administrator and has improved technologies on several government agencies and is incorporated to the life of the Brazilian citizen. SERPRO Infrastructure consist in a Data Center and Long Distance Network. There are 2 Data Center, 6 IBM Servers that generates more than 3 billion of transactions a year, multi-platforms, 52 TeraBytes storage and open standards that are capable to handle the security of the email. The current SERPRO technology was not able prevent the espionage attack by the NSA because they were routing the country’s internet connection thru the U.S. Brazil is planning to run 3,500 miles of fiber-optic cable under the Atlantic Ocean to Avoid the U.S. and have a direct connection to Europe.
The company is more than likely to use Expresso v.3 as an alternative to standardize the email system. The Expresso V.3 software is an open source and audit can be done up to the source code and this will ensure that security is not being violated by hidden back doors. The software promotes privacy and integrity to all official messages. Only three government-owned companies will offer the telecommunication services, storage and email, this are SERPRO witch offer its own data center and private cloud service, DATAPREV that offer data center services and email hosting and TELEBRAS witch offer telecommunication service. A couple of ways SERPRO is planning to fix the issue is by encrypting data over WAN links that will be delivered by third-party companies and Implementing a public-key infrastructure (PKI) system to ensure integrity. The company need to make sure the PKI system will be applied to not only email systems. With this system you can improved network security and integrity beyond email encryption.
SERPRO strategy consist in the following, * The usage of linux as a main operational system * The usage of free software for Desktops, security, Data Center, and network. * Develop architecture with applicative based on open platforms and with free software like: Lixux/Unix, JAVA, Zope.

SERPRO architecture

This architecture is very reliable and it should prevent the attack from NSA but with the internet going thru U.S. it made it easy for the NSA. A possible architecture the company can use is the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Platform (CTP). CTP analyzes billons of events daily and helps to protect thousands of customers. This system features, * Log and alert collection from across virtually any security device or critical asset * Advance correlation and analysis technique * 24x7 access to Dell SecureWorks * Rapid deployment in days, not weeks or month’s \ by security experts.

In conclusion, the government need to implement a system that will prevent espionage from other countries. Routing the internet access to Europe will prevent the NSA and Canada from accessing their information. Encrypting data over WAN links that will be delivered by third-party companies and implementing a public-key infrastructure (PKI) system is the way to go for Brazil to fortify their architecture.

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