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The Brodway Cafe

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“Bringing the Broadway Café into the 21st Century”
Date: December 09, 2011
K B Loumon


Contents Abstract 3 Part 1: Porter’s Five-Force Analysis 4 Part 2: Developing an E-Business Strategy 5 Part 3: M-Coupon Systems in Mobile Marketing and Wireless 7 Telecommunication Network 7 Part 4: Second Life for Customer Relationship Management 10 Part 5: Outsourcing Systems Development 12 Conclusion 15 References 16


The Broadway Café opened in 1952 and is conveniently located downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. A hotspot for many years, it never ceased to attract the same clientele. Its menu is diverse and includes specialized coffees, teas, full service bakery, sandwiches, homemade soups and salads. But the business is declining because the Café never upgrade its business practices. Without a website and any computers in the store, ordering, inventory and payroll are done manually. The Cafe is currently very lackluster in its processes and could not stand out in today’s fast growing environment. In order to enhance our business operations, increase revenue and most importantly, keep the Café’s competitive advantage, we will look over the state of the business, define a new business strategy and implement a new IT system.

Through Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model, we will analyze the environment of the industry in which the Café operates. We will develop an e-Business strategy that will determine the ideal blueprint for generating most revenue and allow the Café not only to benefit from the new technology, but also actively participate in the 21st century Online Community. Our virtual shop will open the Café to the worldwide market. Finally, our strategy for using YouTube (as an incentive to do business with the Broadway Café) will be customer-centric.

Part 1: Porter’s Five-Force Analysis

The buying power is...

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