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The Business and Practice of Coaching

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The Business and Practice of Coaching
Charlie H Williams, III
Liberty University

This review examines Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen's book, The Business and Practice of Coaching. They use their expertise to guide the reader through what it takes to create and maintain a successful coaching business. The book unflinching look at the business side of coaching helps set the tone for the reader to help them understand that coaching is definitely a business. Throughout the book they give the reader pointers of what they have learned along the way that will help them become successful. They help the reader find their niche, how to successfully market themselves toward that target client base, and how the role of certification plays in the part of their overall credibility. They offer up their advice to new coaches for the sole purpose of helping them become great coaches as well as business owners. They advise the reader of what business pitfalls to look out for and stress the importance of adhering to legal and ethical standards. They also provide the reader with several different resources that they can have at their disposal for future reference.
Keywords: Grodzki, Allen, coaching, business, book review, business plan

The Business and Practice of Coaching
The book, The Business and Practice of Coaching, was intended for people who are new to the profession or for those who are looking to flex their entrepreneurial muscle and start their own business/practice. Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen gives the reader an in depth look into what it takes to successfully operate a business and while being a good coach. Grodzki and Allen split the book into four parts: positioning, differentiation, entrepreneurship, and profiles in coaching.
They begin the positioning section with a brief overview of the coaching profession...

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