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The Business of Substance Abuse

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The business of drug Abuse abuse
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What is the economic cost of substance abuse and addiction? The estimates are shocking in the hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Yes, that’s right…. not hundreds of millions, but hundreds of billions of dollars. Illicit drug use alone accounts for 181 billion dollars per year in health care, productivity loss, crime, incarceration, and drug enforcement. Alcohol addiction accounts for approximately the same amount also. ("Molecules to Managed Care," 2008) So how do we deal with such an enormous problem? We can’t ignore problems of such a monumental financial impact to our country. We spend so much on damage control from the result of addiction and so very little on prevention. How can we turn this around to change these numbers and positively affect our society? Early intervention and treatment are the only way to combat these staggering numbers. In 2010 23 million Americans, age 12 or older, identified as having substance abuse issues and only 2.6 million received treatment at specialty facilities in 2009. Why are so few seeking treatment?
Keywords: SBIRT, SAMHSA, abuse, addiction, ED, ONDCP, NIDA, ACA

The business of drug Abuse
There is an enormous amount of money spent in this country on dealing with the aftermath of substance abuse and addiction. What are we doing to prevent this disease? If we recognize that addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease then what is our plan for prevention and early intervention? How does this disease start?
Primary socialization first occurs during our childhood. It is when we learn the attitudes, values and actions appropriate to individuals as members of a particular culture. Sociology recognizes the family as an institution and unit of socialization (Lopez, Martinez, Martin, Martin, & Scandroglio, 2001). Primary...

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