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The Campus Wedding Case

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The Campus Wedding Case Project Network

PATH 1: Reserve Church (1) – Church Notice (17) – Decorate Church (3) – Wedding (1) -- length 22 days.
PATH 2: Choose Cake (2) – Jack’s Catering (10) – Rehearsal Dinner (1) – Wedding (1) – length 14 days.
PATH 3: Get Gifts (1) – Rehearsal Dinner (1) – Wedding (1) – length 3 days.
PATH 4: Travel from Guatemala (10) – Fit Dress (2) – Clean & Press (2) – Wedding (1) -- length 15 days.
PATH 5: Choose Pattern (3) – Receive Lace (8) – Sew Dress (11) – Fit Dress (2) – Clean & Press (2) – Wedding (1) –length 27 days.
PATH 6: Choose Invitations (3) – Receive Invitations (12) – Address Invitations (4) – Inv. To Post Office (1) – Invitation Lead Time (10) – Wedding (1) – length 31 days.
PATH 7: Prepare Guest List (4) – Address Invitations (4) – Inv. To Past Office (1) – Invitation Lead Time (10) – Wedding (1) – length 20 days.
Some assumptions are in order: (1) we assume that we can start tomorrow (April 1), (2) everyone works 7 days a week.
Path 1, 5 and 6 are all critical. Path 5 and 6 will have to be crashed to meet the wedding date of April 22.
3. What is the minimum cost plan that meets the April 22 date?
For path 6, we would reduce the time to Receive the Invitations to 5 days (cost $35) and hire help to Address Invitations to reduce this time to 2 days (cost $50). This would reduce the path length to exactly 22 days at a cost of $85.
For path 5, we would reduce the time to Receive Lace to 5 days (cost $25), reduce Clean & Press to 1 day (cost $30), and hire Mrs. Watson 1 day to reduce Sew Dress to 10 (cost $120) days. This would reduce the path length to exactly 22 days at a cost of $175.
The minimum cost to have the wedding on April 22 is…...

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