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The Cause and Effect of Reality Television on Today's Youth

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The cause and Effect of Reality Television on Today's Youth Kimberly Lindsey English Competition II Professor Lauren Higgins April 29, 2013

CAUSE AND EFFECT 1 Reality television has evolved over the past sixty years. They have went from clean practical jokes to a portrayal of an American family to how to party, lie and deceive. The more the focus is on partying, drugs, sex, vulgarerness, the more our young people will portray these traits. There needs to be more focus on good wholesome clean fun, that keeps the youth safe and healthy. The way to change the way our society is headed is to stop the programing that is hurting all of us. Reality shows of today teaches the youth that its alright to disobey their parents, its alright to party, do drugs, have sex with multiple people, get pregnant, and that the guys that don't have to stay around or take care of the situation they helped put the girl in. The cause and effects of today's reality shows far out weigh the advantages they have. Its hard to believe that reality shows have been around for almost sixty years. The very first reality show was produced and aired in 1954, the show is Candid Camera. It was innocent practical jokes on unsuspecting strangers on the streets. The reactions were funny and the jokes were tasteful and clean. The next show is where our reality shows stem from. Its was produced and aired in 1973. An...

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