The Causes of Drug Abuse Among High School Students

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The parents of a teenager who talk to his or her teenagers about the use of drugs on a regular basis are 42 percent to not abuse drugs than a teenager whose parents did not talk to him or her. There is a higher amount of male teenagers arrested who have been tested and found positive for marijuana (The National Institute of Justices Arrestee and Drug Monitoring System). With many teenagers, drugs and alcohol are the most commonly abused drugs. Those teenagers do not see what drugs and alcohol can to him or her, or even see the consequences that can result from the abuse. The abuse of drugs can come from a variety of negative problems that the teenager may be going through. Why has there been an increase in drug abuse among high school students in the United States?
Teenagers in the United States have one of the highest rates of drug abuse among other countries, and alcohol and tobacco use also still remains high (Higgins, 1988). Peer pressure has been acknowledged as one of the components that affects high school students in the United States. When a teenager is addicted to drugs or medication that he or she is prescribed, he or she may not be able to have control on the amount that he or she uses. Medication that has been prescribed to a teenager may make him or her feel better, but if the medication does not help than he or she may take more of the medication or look toward other drugs to help him or her try to feel better.
Many teenagers want to fit in among his or her friend’s and will try drugs so that he or she will fit in and be accepted by the group. By doing this, the high school student may continue to abuse drugs and the result may be that the high school student drops into a deep addiction which can cause many problems. The teenager can be smart…...