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For much of my teenage life, I was addicted to alcohol. Now I am a recovering addict who campaign for (S.A.D.D.), Students Against Drunk Drivers. I know i cant stop anyone from using alcohol, but I hope my story can sort of persuade them into a different direction, to show them a better way of life. No one in my peer group did that for me. I began drinking alcohol when I was 13 years old, trying it out of course. I grew up in the country side of a small town, called Earle. In the country, where I live, homenade moonshine and wine, was made. Mostly everyone, in the country, made homeade liquor. Being that everyone made liquor an sold it, allowed me to have easy access to it. I started out drinking the wine, but eventually I developed a liking, for the moonshine. By the age of 15, I was downing the moon shine every chance I could. I pretty much drank until I would black out. That didn’t stop me from drinking. However, I started a routine of drinking heavily every night, but I was able to keep my parents in the dark about it. I would make arrangements to stay at people houses, in order to avoid my parents. I knew if they found out about my drinking, it would be a big fuss. I always thought that drinking made me more sociable, but instead, it made me foolish and irresponsible. How I ended up in the hospital, was because I accidently shot myself in the foot. It is remarkable how unaware addiction catches you. It is incredible how well everybody else sees it. When I was in the hospital, I resented people telling me that I was an alcoholic. All the time, I was telling everyone I wasn't a addict, but all I wanted to do, was get out of that institution and drink. It is incredible how many different ways addictions can kind of find itself in front of you. I think the best way to avoid addiction, is not to drink at all. I found a way to separate myself from situations that can be tempting. I mastered the art of getting out of sticky situations that can tempt me to use again. I replaced the cravings, with different things. It is like filling the void. I am into art, reading and music. I keep my mind focused on positive things. I began to calm down, when i joined Students Against Drunk Driving, (SADD). SADD was extremely helpful, because it enabled me to talk to others who could relate to my story. In my final year of high school, I spent my time talking to other students about my life experiences with alcohol. I want my addiction and recovery, to be a lesson to other kids. All children need to know how drinking can become routine and turn into an addiction. Everything we have done and experienced, defines who we are today. I hope to continue to influence students with positive energies and experiences, to guarantee them a happy and successful life.

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