The Change of Social Roles

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Introduction to Sociology

I left school at the age of 17 to go to work as an apprentice electrician. I worked for 3 years and whilst I experienced this change in roles, I noticed how the values norms of a construction site are completely different to what my secondary socialisation at school had taught me. It was almost as though the C2 and D classes of the register general scale had their own sub-culture as I will begin to explain in the following.
On my first day I was terrified, I was to go to the office for 8am to meet the project managers along with my boss. When I got there I went through a day of formal socialisation into the company, signing forms agreeing to a certain working practice including the importance of health and safety. Unlike school this health and safety was a culture with rules, vigorously enforced by my peers. I was also given a uniform to wear, just like school it was a norm to wear this correctly in order to give a good appearance to the institution that I would soon be representing.
My first construction site that I had ever been to was on Fenchurch Street, it had taken me over an hour to get there by train in contrast to school where I could walk to in 10minutes and as punctuality was a rule just as in school, commuting was to be a burden I would have to endure. As soon as I met my supervisor he introduced himself saying ‘’you must be the new boy’’, my re-socialization into the workplace via my new peer group had begun. I was to go through more formal socialisation with an induction to the site and given a hard hat and hi-visibility tabard to wear, this being a norm in construction due to the culture of health and safety within it. After this I was put to work with one of my peers by my supervisor, who was told to teach me a few things. Throughout the morning I had tricks played on me along with light verbal bullying referred to as…...