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The Chicano Civil Rights Movement: El Movimento In Spanish

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Chicano Civil Rights Movement

The Chicano Civil Rights Movement also called El Movimento in Spanish it went on from the 40’s through the 70’s. The 60’s is when they really made a stand. The movement was when Chicano’s took a stand for themselves. They stood for not only Chicanos but raises to follow. They saw what the Chicanos did and wanted to do that for their own race. The main reason for the movement was plain and clear, equality. The movement consisted of land grants, farm workers, enhanced education, to voting and political rights(Jose). They were not being treated fairly and eventually got tired of it and that’s when enough was enough and the movement started.

There were four pillars to the Chicano movement. The first was land grant of New Mexico from 1966 through 1967. This was where Reis Lopez Tijerina was fighting to convince the government to honor the Treaty of Hidalgo. So Tijerina went to the court house with his followers they went there to free prisoners that were imprisoned for standing up in what they believed in which was the land grant. In doing so a gun battle broke out come to find out that the prisoners weren’t even there and neither was the district attorney, who they were going for initially. Their land had been taken away and given to farmers, ranchers, and other …show more content…
The government did this to be a sort of buffer against Indian tribes(Corriea). In the end, they were unsuccessful in getting the land back. They may have not have gotten the land back, but they opened many people’s eyes as to what was happening and the movement began to

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