The Chocolate House

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The influential members of London’s elite society in the seventeenth – century viewed the consumption of hot chocolate and later solid chocolate treat that were sold in upscale boutiques as a sign of being prestigious. While doing the same time period America settlers pioneered were developing cheaper chocolate bars for consumption to the masses. Centuries passed, and in the 19th hundreds America pioneers grown tired of the taste of mass production chocolate and desired the taste of prominent chocolate. In 1911 Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges, whose named in honor of the matriarch of the Mars Family was founded with her husband Frank entered the chocolate market despite only a 3% growth in the U.S. Chocolate industry. The main reasons of the slow growth were the lack of industry innovation and the less desirable tasting chocolate. The creation of Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge took the existent markets and the original connection between chocolate and the elite social circles and turned it into the new must have.
Ethel’s is an establishment that offers exquisite chocolates, in a posh, location. The consumer and the buyer would need to make sure that the purchase makes sense economically, and they would have the acquired taste to enjoy the variety of sweets and chocolates that Ethel’s has to offer. The consumer would have to engage in the extensive decision making would best determine whether or not they could indulge at Ethel’s. The products that Ethel’s is marketing are targeting a small unique group.
There are several factors that can influence a consumer to spend money. Two major influences during this time that would play a role in the consume partaking in the Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge experience would primarily be social Influence and reference groups, specifically aspirational reference groups, would influence on the consumer. Due to the high quality, of the…...