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The Chrysalids - Similarities Between Waknuk and Contemporary Society

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Although Waknuk society is extreme in their view of life, there are in fact some elements of that society that exist in contemporary society such as religion, intolerance of other’s differences, and the fact that people live in fear of revealing their true identities.
Waknuk’s religion can be compared to some religions in contemporary society in a few ways. Firstly, it is evident that both societies have their own bible and expectations from their God. In the Waknuk religion, they believe in something called “The Definition of Man,” which outlines certain traits that Waknukians are required to have in order to be regarded as human. If anybody does not measure up to their Definition of Man, they are not considered human and “it is a blasphemy against the true image of God and hateful in the sight of God.” (Wyndham 13) This Definition of Man is drilled into their minds from birth until they are brainwashed. This is demonstrated when David Storm says, “The Definition of Man recited itself in my head: ‘…. And each leg shall be jointed twice and have one foot, and each foot five toes,” (13) In contemporary Christian religion, the Bible sets out certain expectations as well. For example, God expects his people to obey the Ten Commandments, to be good Samaritans, to show kindness to the poor, and to accept and love those who are different. In both societies the bible has been around for thousands of years. “And only the Bible has survived from the time of the Old People themselves.” (39) The Old People were those who lived before Waknuk’s God sent the Tribulation and those are the ones who had the Bible.
Secondly, Waknuk’s religion and contemporary Christianity warns us about the devil and to avoid him. The Waknukians believe that “the devil is the father of deviation.” (18) In contemporary society, Christians believe that the devil is the father of lies. In both...

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