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The Cicc and Giwg Brief

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The CICC and GIWG Brief Advising and providing recommendations to the U.S. Attorney General on issues like advanced usage of technology, requirements, and cooperation between intelligence agencies is charged to the Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council (CICC) and the Global Intelligence Working Group (GIWG). Working in concert, the CICC and the GIWG advocates for local police force agencies in the development and communicating of criminal intelligence to promote public safety and our Nation’s security. The recognition by the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan (NCISP) of the prominence of the state, local, and tribal law enforcement (SLTLE) are vital ingredients concerning our country’s intelligence process. In order to establish the link necessary for improving intelligence and data sharing at all echelons of government, the creation of the CICC was a product of the NCISP. Law enforcement agencies from varying levels of government comprise this Council. In May 2004, the CICC was formally established and provided advice the refinement and implementation of the NCISP. (Carter, 2009). The U.S. Office of Justice Programs funded the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiatives which exists also charged with the development of methods and guidelines to effectively share information across the criminal justice system. The Global Initiative is responsible for the creation of the subgroup, the Global Intelligence Working Group (GIWG). The NCISP was the first product the GIWG created. By design, the GIWG’s mission is to make available law enforcement organizations a capability to gather, analyze, protect, share reliable and timely intelligence information through the development of the NCISP. The intelligence information collected would be used to identify, investigate, prevent, deter, and defeat the efforts of foreign and domestic terrorist activities....

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