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Two million Cambodians died in the war, and Dara the main character in the book had to witness it and experience the troubles of the war.In the book The Clay Marble by: Ming Fong Ho, Dara and her family are in a war stricken Cambodia, and are trying to find a safe place to live and get food after their town was set to rubbles and destroyed and they decided to go to the refugee camp at the border where they were provided with safety and food, but also had to experience some troubles along the way. Before the camp, Dara wanted to go home to her old bad life, after she wanted to stay because of the people or things she loved.

At the beginning Dara wanted to go home and not to the camp. At the beginning they were riding to the border, and Dara was complaining about going to the camp, and that she wanted to go home. “We would
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It was towards the middle now and they were getting bombed at the border. Everyone had to leave, but Dara didn't want to because of the things she loved.Jantu said to Dara “Come on, it's just a toy, we have to go” Then Dara responded to Jantu and said “I'm not going”(57). This shows that she is now changing and is wanting to stay because she has realized she likes it there. This relates to my claim of her changing because she has now changed from wanting to go home, to not really wanting to go home.

At the end she goes to the border and wants to stay there to find her family. Dara lost her family and she went back to the border because she knew it was safe there now, and she wanted to go back to some of the things she left behind.”They’re bound to go back to our old campsite to wait for us” (68). Now this is showing that she has really changed since the start and is now wanting to stay and going back because she loves it there, and it is safe. By this time she is pretty much fully changed and now is different from the

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