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The Cold War and Red Scare

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The Cold War and Red Scare

The Cold War was a simple competition of two large political factions. To be more specific, it means the great diversion between the Western factions (led by the United States) and the Eastern factions (led by the Soviet Union). It started when World War II ended Truman entered into the White House.

The video says that the Cold War had a dramatic effect on American freedom. The main meaning of freedom is the trade liberalization. During this battle, American democracy developed some new markets like free enterprise, capitalism, an economy opposite to that of Soviet communism. And these new markets were known as "free enterprise," which had not occurred in the New Deal era. Although the U.S. claimed that they were fighting for the freedom to their people, the truth is that they were suppressing their citizens.

The Cold War never really broke out. The biggest reason was that both sides had a large number of nuclear weapons. While the United State thought the Soviet Union could not develop nuclear weapons until the mid-1950s, the Soviet Union in face detonated its first bomb in August 1949.1 During this period, the two countries showed their ability to attack with nuclear weapons. These two sides each built huge radar antennas to detect incoming bombers and missiles. And these bombs of either side can kill millions of lives in one attack. During this time, families were told to build a bomb shelter. For instance, there is a child wearing a suit with his dog standing in front of bomb structure materials in the picture of "Atomic Kids". I think this boy was being taught how to react in the event of a nuclear attack (CDF), or taught to know how to wear the radiation protection suit.

The "Red Scare" means anti-communism. Edward Hunter distributed a flyer about the phenomenon of Chinese brainwashing. He was trying to persuade the...

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