The Concepts for Week One

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The concepts for week one

The concepts for week one
The artwork I choose, for this summary is the Salvador Dali the persistence of memory. The paint looks like it a balance between reality and dreamlike state, the painting looks like it takes place in a desert that is undiscovered. The sky has dark blue, light blue white, and yellow colors mix in with it that looks like it goes beyond the canvas the water in the painting.
Looks very clear in still and reflects the cliffs in the middle of the water, which the cliffs colors looks golden also looks like the sun is setting and the day is ending. The clocks look like they melted; into the ground, they also look like they are drooping gives off the idea that it is very hot in the painting. In addition, a dead tree branch is dark brown that was still growing holding up the watch, in some hand-made tabletop objects, which is dark brown.
Black ant insects like those that it is eating a decaying organism for food for them the colors of the clocks silver and bronze color, one of the clocks. It looks like there is an another table top object but in silver, the clock on top of the white and silver object look like a piece of somebody face with eyelashes is unresponsive.
In addition, the ground looks like it a greenish dark brown color, the painting looks like done with oil paints the painting style that he used was more of a dreamlike style. The paint looks like a mixture traditional with un-traditional and blended. My reaction this paint did engage me, for the reason the painting was it looks quiet and still.
It looks unreal and interesting because it makes me feel that time has stop and that we are no longer bound time anymore. In addition, that dreams, have become real and what is real has become a dream, which is so different and amazing to me for that reason. In addition,…...

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