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The Condition of Lake Heron

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The Condition of Lake Heron
Sherrika R. Newman
Professor Carrie Miller
English Composition
November 24, 2013

Lake Heron is one of five Great Lakes located on the west by the state of Michigan in the United States. It is the second-largest Great Lakes due to the having a surface area of 23,000 square miles. But by volume Lake Huron is only the third largest of the Great Lakes. Looking at illustration (A) below, Lake Heron is surrounded by Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. It is often referred to “the lake in the middle.”
In illustration (A) above you can also see that Lake Huron is connected to Lake Michigan through the straights of St. Mary’s River. It is a fact that this lake was the first Great Lakes to be discovered by European explorers. It is also a reality that Lake Heron has become a victim to water pollution over recent years. This has become a major issue for Coastal Conversationalist. Lake Huron has become a major dumping ground for many different types of pollutants. These pollutants enter the lakes fresh water and are commonly classified by point source or non-point source pollution. Point source can usually be traced back to the specific location and source of culprit. Dumping of hazardous chemical depositions or nuclear waste from industrial and treatment facilities is an example of point source pollution. Because point source pollution can be traced back to the owner it is the easiest source of pollution to control and regulate. The Clean Water Act of 1972 made industrial plants use control measures to reduce toxic discharge. This Act helped to put a restraint on the lakes water pollution.
In contrast, Non-point source pollution is the cumulative result of our everyday personal actions and our local land use policies. Another term for non-point source pollution is runoff. The major types of pollutants carried...

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