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The Controversy of Gender Pay Gap


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Sakinah Jackson
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June 1, 2014
The Controversy of Gender Pay Gap

On behalf of women’s suffrage social activist have scrutinized the gender pay gap to promote social justice and propel lawmakers to remedy the economical injustices of women. Since the Equal Pay Act has been enacted by John F. Kennedy the gender pay gap has slowly narrowed. However, disparity of the gender pay continues to exist and until economical parity between the sexes is resolved controversy will invariably persist. Discrimination in the work force has been displayed statistically through reports from eminent sponsors. Capitol Hill reports that there is a 23 cent division between wages in the broad spectrum of work professions. What are the factors that contribute to this disparity? Critics who denounce gender discrimination in the work place, support the idea that the pay gap factors around the differences in women’s and men’s typical occupation preference. These supporters of this theory reinforce that, more women who acquire a degree are likely to study education and social services which are some of the lower paying professions. Men on the other hand are more likely to study engineering and medicine and this is the explanation for the variance. However, the culpability cannot be pointed at one single handedly thing. Even though discrimination does play a big factor, other aspects of the gender division contribute as well. For one, women taking off more days due to societal expectations of family care during the birth of children and when children are sick is one factor. Of the parents mothers are typically the ones who have the duty of nurturing the children. When women have children they have the propensity to take days off to care for children and they are privileged with these rights

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