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The Converse of in Person Communication

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Jessica Hamilton
Case 12
The Converse of In-Person Communication
This case was about job interviews, face-to-face and phone interviews. Many companies utilize phone interviews now before the face-to-face interview and even instead of the face-to-face interview. There are a few problems in regards to interviews. The first being scheduling. Most interviewers will schedule a time to call for the interview. But sometimes, interviewers will call at any given time to see how well the candidate can think on his or her feet. They are looking for a raw interview as opposed to a scripted one. It is important for candidates to follow through with the unscheduled phone interview. If the candidate absolutely cannot take the phone call, reschedule but some interviewers may not like that. The next problem is preparation. It is important to be prepared for interviews. Candidates can prepare notes to ensure they cover every point they want to make. Also, make sure to have a paper and pen handy when doing a phone interview to take notes. The next issue is noise. When on the phone for an interview, find a quiet room and shut the door. Also, make sure the phone is charged and focus on the interview. The last issue is a lack of context cues. When doing a face-to-face interview, people rely on body language. But obviously on the phone, it is a little more difficult. Experts still recommend using hand gestures, smiling, and various other body language while on a phone interview. Now for some do’s and don’ts when doing a phone interview. Being positive is so important because candidates should show their enthusiasm for the job. They should also know what they are talking about and be specific. Using notes shows confidence and preparation. Taking initiative is also important. Also, it is important to know when a topic has been covered and when...

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